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Omg, some replies on here are plain retarded ! Drain the fluids??? Imagine this facepalm but 100 times bigger, that what i did when I read it.

If you park it for that long , you need to store it with wheels off of the ground in order not to flatspot your tires. Store the car on jackstands with wheels off the ground. Full tank of 94 gas in the tank and a bottle of fuel stabilizer. Take the battery right out of the car, you dont need to for 11 months, there is ABSOLUTELY no point of keeping it and charging it for that time.

Thats it, just let it sit , dont start it in between (it does absolutely nothing to the car).

Nothing happens to the car if it just sits for a year, as long as its off the ground and sits in a heated garage so it doesnt rust. If you worry alot, you can spray ALOT of WD40 on your brake rotors so they dont form a rust glare.

When you take it out of storage , pour a quart or oil in BEFORE you start. Why? because after a yea of sitting all the old oil will drain into the pan, and little to no oil will remain in the top end that insures proper protection during initial start up. You can drain and change oil after a few hundred miles.
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