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Wow- Lots of bad S54 information here from M54 owners

Whatever you do HighBoostin330... please don't comment anymore on the S54. It is clear you are either misinformed, mislead or you've got M54 myopia.

You may actually scare away 46M owners that believe the wallet lightening exercises you described above (and quoted below). $1350 for a VANOS refresh? LoL. This isn't the S50/S52/M50. $600 for treated bearings? Really?

Originally Posted by HighBoostin330 View Post

If you can obtain all those parts for me for $1000, then I'd gladly send you PayPal money ASAP. When I went about completing just my VANOS refresh it costs more than that. $1350 for DrVANOS S54 VANOS, $900 for DrVANOS exhaust hub, $200 for DrVANOS intake spline gear, $200 for DrVANOS exhaust spline gear, $25 for cam bolts, $95 for valve cover gasket kit.
You sir, need to do more research on the S54. You have fallen for the hype. Your VISA will get suckered into spending way too much money.

Dr. Vanos rebuild kit.... of the $1350 ...did you know that $700 of that is a new Solenoid Pack? You can have yours rebuilt for $150 by Raj at beisian.

The VANOS "REBUILD" is $400. It is dissassembled and cleaned and oil-pump re-drilled. Or you can take it apart and clean it by yourself in an afternoon. Again, it is your choice. If you like to lighten your wallet, by all means give Chris at Dr. VANOS a call. Good product, but mostly a wallet lightening excercise.

The hub is $800. Fresh bearings are $200 shipped. (Why would you buy $600 treated bearings for a street car?) VANOS bolts are $12 not $25.

Again. $1000 in parts.

Where the hell are you getting your information?

Please stop speaking about the S54 HighBoostin330. Stick to the M54 and its archaic DME. You seem to know that one well. The S54... well not so much.

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