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Originally Posted by slowrunningE46 View Post
I pushed the unlock key and it wouldn't unlock. So I manually put the key in and unlocked the door. Opened the door and the alarm was going off. I couldn't cut it off with the key, so I stuck the key in the ignition and started the car so the alarm would shut off. I let it idle for 20 min and turned it off and noticed the dash light was still on where the clock was when I took the key out. I couldn't lock the car with the key, so I locked the door manually and the light stayed on. Two minutes later the alarm goes off and eventually stops after a few minutes. Now the light is on where the clock is and its killing my battery. My key doesn't work to lock and unlock. I think the alarm is still armed ever since I started it with the key the first time. Anyone know what I should do. I disconnected the battery and left it like that. Its either the key battery or the car battery. I need to find a way to get the key to work and I think the dash light will turn off. (The alarm light isn't blinking on the rear view mirror).
No, the dash light problem is not related to the key. Almost sounds like the ignition switch is bad. But, that's just a guess.

Originally Posted by slowrunningE46 View Post
As for the key, if I replace the battery, do I have to reprogram it.
Yes, for the remote functions. No, for starting the car.
Originally Posted by slowrunningE46 View Post
And would a bad battery in the key cause my cluster light to stay on?

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