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Originally Posted by e46hovsep View Post
can it be done the other way around? i have an E46 M3 and i need a front bumper and the one for the M3 is a lot more expensive then the one for the normal E46 coupe, would i be able to retrofit the bumper onto my car?
Not a good idea, you would be spending a lot of money to do a 'reverse retrofit' from OEM M3 bumper to Non-OEM/Non-M3 bumper. Get a used one on craigslist or the forum for a couple hundred bucks.

Originally Posted by The_W_95 View Post
Does anybody know if m3 end links will fit a non m? Sedan in my case
They should, as long as they're shorter. e36 M3 front endlinks are equivalent to the shorter ones that come with KW V2 coilovers, which is what I have in my car. Endlinks are very very similar between all the e46 3 series and e36 M3, plus probably e39s and more. The key is the length, they can't be longer than the e46 links or they'll hit the control arm. Shorter endlinks help the sway bars function better when the car is lowered, less preload.

Originally Posted by SB_RavenE46 View Post
Ok so i have a 02 330Ci and i have a OEM m3 bumper from a 02 M3 ( this is the m3 bumper with the foam stuck inside of it). My question is what is the best way to get my stock rebar to fit onto the m3 bumper. I have already started to shave down the foam bar with my dremel and it seems like its gonna take years to do as the dremel only can do so much at a time i was gonna shave this down and jb welb it to my rebar.... I am wanting to to just take the whole foam part out but then im left with a bumper cover and rebar and i dont (think) jb welding them togather would work or would it? . I know im gonna cut my rebar on both ends down a inch or so to get it flush with the fenders.

You're using a dremel on the re-bar? Damn. That's a lot of work when a sawzall or cutoff wheel can zip it apart in a minute or two. Yeah you have to cut it down quite a bit and use glue if you stick with the non-M rebar.
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