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Originally Posted by jonesenberg View Post
An electric blanket will warm your oil, engine, and coolant to 95C? If not, what's the point? What could possibly warm these three things faster than combustion of gasoline inside the engine with these fluids being pumped through it?

Have you thought about how much power would be required to overcome the thermal inefficiency of warming a blanket, then the layer of air between it and the motor (along with plastic engine cover, etc etc), and finally the block itself? How about the potential fire hazard? An electrical short if you close the hood on it the wrong way and shear the wire?
People do use warming blankets for their vehicles here in Toledo and they DO work. My GF's car and her brothers truck both have issues starting when its less than 10 degrees F. He uses a warming blanket on his truck and it works great for him. The point is with these cars, you don't frickin need it where hes living.
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