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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
So, I need new struts...ordered Bilstein touring...and just finished reading some posts about them lifting the front up too wondering if I have a choice of some slightly shorter struts. Is the HD lower...think there's a Bilstein Sport too.

Finally, Mango, how you liking your struts? I had Sachs...blew after 3 years. tsk!

Anyway, getting to this soon (love the Meyle HD CABs btw...go nicely with Lem CAs!).
Bilstein HD's and Sports have the exact same valve length. And Touring has longer valve length than Hd's. Hd's are optimized for stock ride height and sports are for aftermarket springs. I had "Comforts" on a previous car and they are closest to non sport oem sachs.
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