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Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
Another jackalope that doesn't believe in troubleshooting which is all I proposed.
Wish you had read my posts.
Well FWIW here's how I troubleshot the original post. Didn't read past that before responding.

1.) Battery is less than 2 years old
2.) Went to jump car, hooked cables up wrong.
2.5) No mention of smoke, mention of interior lights working, main fuse is therefore fine.
3.) "Click" sound when the ignition is turned, which is the normal indicator of a dead battery on an e46. When the main fuse is fried or the car is otherwise lacking the ability to supply juice throughout the car, there will be no click.

Solution A: Charge battery all the way, see if it takes a charge and turns over without a jump.
Solution B: Replace battery if it doesn't take a charge.
Side Note: If battery does take a charge and still no start, THEN you have other issues!

Cost to charge battery = Free
Time to take battery out = 20 minutes maximum
Time and effort to dick around with important wires and fuses before checking the battery first = Massive and Pointless

The key to proper troubleshooting is doing the steps in order. You don't replace a fuel pump on an older car before checking to see if the filter is clogged.

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