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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
You obviously know far more on the subject, but I read (ill link the article) that law enforcement is actually a very small percentage of firearm sales for these companies. Troof?
LE sales don't make up a major portion of the market as whole, but they do for certain companies.
The percentages are not as important as the public perception and the impact. Nobody gave a crap about Glock until cops started using them in the mid-to-late 80s, then Glock took over upwards of 75-80% of the market share of LE pistols. If it wasn't for LE, Glock would never have gotten to where they are now. Most companies may not sell a ton to LE, but they heavily rely on LE use for commercial marketing reasons; especially if they don't have MIL contracts. How did Kimber sell so many pistols? By marketing the fact that LAPD SWAT and SIS use their pistols. Take a look at a Guns 'n Ammo or any NRA magazine, or any other gun magazine for that matter, and count how many gun ads use LE photos or references for marketing ads. Quite a few.

S&W is making a lot of in-roads with LE sales and they're quickly taking over a lot of Glock territory. I would suspect that S&W would not want to lose the momentum and give anything back up to Glock. Not to mention the fact that the M&P15 line is gaining a lot of ground in the patrol rifle realm.

Here's what I would say, specifically for Glock and S&W- If one does it, the other will. They are likely waiting for the other company to move first. It really depends on which company will do it first. If I had to make a prediction, I would say that S&W would do it before Glock did, since S&W is an American company.


I'm not saying they shouldn't, because they should cut them off. It'd have a major impact. I'm just skeptical.
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