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Originally Posted by nicgala View Post
A little harsh Ballistic,
I paid almost $700:00 in speed camera fines around the corner of my place and in 20 minutes they got me twice. That was 7 demerit point loss and a 1 month suspension of my license. This happened before Christmas, and it hurt. I argued the point of 1 ticket as I did 15 km over which is the max speed you can do for a 3 demerit point ticket and a larger fine. I rang again, and the bloke did say that we need to reimburse half the price of the ticket and obtain 2 demerit points back. To no avail I had enough and tried to forget about it. What is it ? The..... don't like BMW's.
N.B This was after midnight and I was the only car on the road for 10 km.
Erm.... what did I say?

I feel for you though.

I can help with
* Reading Codes / Coding your car
* R&R FCAs, Tie Rods, Sway links....

Need an RTAB tool? Or clutch fan and water pump tools? PM me.
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