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Originally Posted by Sentaruu View Post
yea i wish it was that easy. truth be told, aside from the politcal BS and the taxes, i really do like NY. however, im working really hard on a promotion here at work, if and once i get the promotion i would be in a much better position (career wise) to move out of state. that and i need as much time to butter up the fiance as possible.

but i hope that magpul follows through and leaves CO and stops selling their products to both LE and MIL that would put a quick end to this ****. if all the manufacturers got together and decided not to sell anything to the govt if the LACs cant buy it we wouldnt be in this mess.
At the very least bro, come join me on the other side of the river. I still work in NYC, but can have my AR and 15 rounds in it
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