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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
Magpul? Oh hell yeah. There are half a dozen states that with throw subsidies and incentives at them to come to them. Magpul isn't bluffing. They're already shopping for a new location.
I hope they do pull out. I think Texas would be the perfect place for them. I also hope they ramp up production and sell 5 times as many now.

Still pisses me off though. My Sig P226 TacOps came stock with 20 round mags. Also, what is to stop people from driving to Wyoming and picking up mags? How will they enforce this? They are talking about making manufacturers put dates on mags when they are sold to see if they are pre/post ban. Does that leave my house open to search and seizure at any time they want to come in and check my mags? What a joke.
Next they will want me to carry a paper to the range with my mag numbers on them saying they are pre-ban. Almost like having a Class 3 weapon.
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