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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
If thats what you want, then you would be on Rubio's boat, not Obama's. They would need to PAY PENALTIES first. Then have a period of X amount of years where they would have a permit to WORK and work only, and can not be convicted of any crime...THEN...after 7 years, they can get on the back of the bus. Obama is proposing NO SUCH THING. Your post earlier also didn't reflect any of this. We also don't want "all of them to come." We need a point system. People should have priority like any other decent country. Other than family, people are accepted based on the need of the nation (like Canada does.) You also seem to gloss over that Obama's plan has nothing to do with actually fixing the immigration issue, but rather get a bunch of votes.
You jump from one conclusion to the next. I don't think they should get "in the back of the line". Just pay some fines. We'll verify you don't have any felonies. And then you can get your green card or immigrant visa. And that puts them on a path to citizenship. If you do have a felony or an excessive amount of misdemeanors (let's say...3+), you'll get deported.

As for the do realize the majority of the earth's population is dirt poor right? So we should just blindly accept anyone without consequence just because they come from a poor country? 75% of the worlds population is either poor or oppressed. Surely you don't think that anyone should be able to jump over the fence and be granted "status" are you? What are they doing to stop another wave of 11 million more coming over the fence? I don't mind illegals having some sort of a chance, especially the children. However, saying "even though the first thing you did here is break a federal law, we're gonna forget all about it." That sets a dangerous precedent. What are we going to do with the illegals that have been convicted of a crime? Let them stay too?
Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind if another 11 million came over. And I do realize most of the world is dirt poor. I don't care. If they want to come over, let them. I don't think people who want to improve their lives are liabilities. I don't have a problem gutting welfare programs to prevent mooching. But I want everybody to be given the opportunity to succeed. It is so much easier to succeed in the US than any other country.

Obviously there is a limit to the foreign born population that we can absorb and assimilate in any given time. I just happen to believe it is vastly higher than what most people think it is. I wouldn't have a problem if we admitted 10 million new residents a year instead of the current 1 million we currently limit it to.

Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post
If we just let anyone and everyone into our country, it would crumble rather quickly.
People are only liabilities if you let them become liabilities. They are assets in just about any other circumstance. In your kind of Malthusian thought process, when a cow is born, it's a cause for celebration. But when a human is born, it's just another mouth to feed.

But the US is not some magical land where we have it much better than we should have. People built this country and its wealth. And as long as we stick to American principles of relatively free markets, and free people, we're going to remain the most prosperous and powerful country on this Earth.
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