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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
No, I believe I am correct. BMW specific readers will access codes that are not readable by an OBDII scanner. That is the whole reason why they exist. If an OBDII reader would give you the correct code, but an incorrect definition, then you would simply need a table to look up the correct definition. But that is not the case at all. These readers will show specific codes that are not available through an OBDII reader. there is a more thourough explanation here:
MJLavelle, This is my last response for this subject.

That's more marketing info.
Definitions may not available because they are manufacturer's specific, but reading the codes is not a problem for generic scanners as long as BMW output P codes through OBD interface.
How much BMW decided to output its specific codes to P codes? I don't know, but I see many manufacturer's specific codes like P1xxxx on the net, so they are being sent out as P codes.
That about 600 Generic OBD codes and 250 BMW specific codes.
Read the code with generic scanner and refer this for some BMW specific codes. It will be a good starting point for the most of the problem.

Even for what you call BMW specific code readers, they are generic in BMW's eye. How can they have BMW intellectual property stuffs unless they are approved by BMW? I have not seen any approved one. They probably bought the BMW repair manuals and assembled codes and descriptions. Same for the Bentley manual. I quote "BMW has not reviewed and does not vouch for the accuracy or completeness of ... in this manual."
And they don't have all important real time data log and display capability like the ones, I will recommend, under $30.

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