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Originally Posted by DeclanM3 View Post
Car started misfiring the other day (on my way to a BMW club drive) and went into limp mode. Got it home and started trying to set up diagnostics. After many failed attempts I managed to get a third party program to point me in the direction of cylinder 4 and I diagnosed it was the coil the good ol' fashion way. Ordered a new coil and installed it tonight, started the car and all was well (albeit after a slow crank on startup). Figured the battery was probably low so ran it for a few minutes at 2500rpm, turned it off and put the covers back on then grabbed the laptop to clear the CEL. The process of clearing the CEL pushed the battery over the edge and now I'm awaiting roadside assistance to come give me a jump... Epic fail!
Should have changed all of them rather then just the bad one.
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