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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
Soooo...the e36 M3 rear Bilsteins lasted 28k miles and just under 2 years.

Both have failed, but in different ways. One had an internal oil leak and the other had a gas/oil mix (tested on Bilstein's shock dyno). Neither was visibly leaking, but performance had degraded substantially.

Here's the good part...the replacement shocks that they sent me have a new heavy duty valve stack installed which should improve their reliability. As you know, the rear shocks that Bilstein sells for the xi are now the same as the e36 M3 rear shocks. If the M3 shocks fail, Bilstein will ship the new heavier duty shocks as replacements. Currently, new Bilsteins are still shipped with the older valve stack, but that may change if there are a lot of failures. I did confirm that compression and rebound dampening remains unchanged with the updated valve stack.
That 's odd mine failed this week also..., both are blown, no oil leaks, they just rattle and i can bounce the car with one finger....last bilsteins for me, i will get replacement ones under warranty,but will sell them, thinking of getting monroes.....
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