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Originally Posted by Corpsman-UP View Post
Everything that was of value was inside my trunk locked up. They literally pulled down the back seat to get to that stuff. And as far as the backpack goes I have never left it in my car before until last night because it was wedged behind the passenger seat out of sight. I never leave anything in sight when I park my car and it was in a fricken underground parking garage in a gated complex. People have bikes and golf clubs just sitting out in the open that don't even get stolen in my complex if that says anything about how safe this place is or well was up until now.
The perception of how safe the place is...until something such as this occurs. Definitely understand the belief that things should be safe in a trunk, but still appears you have quite a bit strewn around your car...not necessarily things of value, however gave the thief a belief there may be more.

People around the town I live in will leave Mercedes, Lexus, and BMWs running while they run in to get a cup of coffee. A sense of comfort does exist for people. However as a whole, the world is filled w/ people who suck and do things like this...sadly enough Again not harping on it, lesson learned and hopefully you will be covered.
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