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WOW! I have my trunk locked so that they can't use the latch to open it. But dang that defeats the problem when someone can just pull your seats down?

I don't keep my camera in the car because of the changes in temp. It's easy to just bring everything in with my backpack. Something I learned from a fellow Bimmer owner/photographer... Carry your gear in a bag that doesn't scream camera. My buddy actually carries his gear inside a duffle bag. I have a Staples shopping bag that I throw all my gear into. My camera bag goes inside it, to camouflage what I have.

Someone you know or met probably knows your routine and how you store stuff in your car. Next time change it up. Every now and then I get people coming around my car whenever I go to the auto store. The first thing they want to know is where I live. I give them some crazy neighborhood, eventhough I might live up the street. Change up your routine, and like klubeck said clean out your car. Hide those cables coming from your dash. If you were in DC parked on the street, you would be a target too. Good luck with the insurance.
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