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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Surely you jest....they don't even know who is IN the country, and IF by some chance they actually schedule a court date, they don't even go after the person when they don't show up.
These are all separate issues. Yes removal is a wide net that doesn't catch everyone, ICE only spends resources tracking down and removing criminal offenders. That is entirely separate from USCIS which would process these amnesty visas.

Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Cubans are actually extremely educated, sharp individuals. This country would benefit from a few more Cubans.
Now that's a broad, useless generalization. There are smart hardworking people from every country and there are bums in Cuba too.

Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Why even bother securing (lol) the border?

Now they'll have a verified reward for coming here

Again, this is a retrospective benefit. You'll have to prove you were here at XX date in the past, I haven't seen anything offering this to "future" fence jumpers.

Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
Obviously there is a limit to the foreign born population that we can absorb and assimilate in any given time. I just happen to believe it is vastly higher than what most people think it is. I wouldn't have a problem if we admitted 10 million new residents a year instead of the current 1 million we currently limit it to.

People are only liabilities if you let them become liabilities. They are assets in just about any other circumstance. In your kind of Malthusian thought process, when a cow is born, it's a cause for celebration. But when a human is born, it's just another mouth to feed.

But the US is not some magical land where we have it much better than we should have. People built this country and its wealth. And as long as we stick to American principles of relatively free markets, and free people, we're going to remain the most prosperous and powerful country on this Earth.
+1, the entire "stop immigration, but only after my family has gotten in" is terribly hypocritical.

Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
And the point isn't to just say "screw the illegals, bring in the au pairs".. but rather, to demonstrate a gross oversight in the intention, execution, and impact of this legislation. And let's be real, the only goal here is to buy votes from Latinos... it has nothing to do with being just.
Sure, run for office. The government caters to the sensational media/public appetite and it makes me sick.
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