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Originally Posted by klubeck View Post
The perception of how safe the place is...until something such as this occurs. Definitely understand the belief that things should be safe in a trunk, but still appears you have quite a bit strewn around your car...not necessarily things of value, however gave the thief a belief there may be more.

People around the town I live in will leave Mercedes, Lexus, and BMWs running while they run in to get a cup of coffee. A sense of comfort does exist for people. However as a whole, the world is filled w/ people who suck and do things like this...sadly enough Again not harping on it, lesson learned and hopefully you will be covered.
The stuff was strewn around from the thief. most of that stuff came from the glove box and the trunk the only thing really out in the open was my running shoes and gortex jacket which were both not touched at all and then the backpack which was tucked away.

Originally Posted by SteelGray3 View Post
People suck. But I recently had a good experience with renter's insurance if that raises your spirits. I knocked over my roommates $1500 LED TV and they sent him a check without much hassle. I will always have renter's insurance after an incident like that.
Called my renters insurance and they are having an adjuster call me back to sort it all out and will cover everything that was in my car and stolen.

As far as the person telling me to change my routine its not that simple I wake up go to work at 0545 come home at 1700 then do it all over again the next day. No one I know know's where I live I don't show things off to people. No one knows whats inside my car and I don't usually keep stuff of value in it. I went out of town the past weekend and forgot to take some of the things back up to my place from being to tired from work and being sick. Lesson learned I am out a couple hundred bucks from my deductibles but hey at least its being taken care of and I have insurance.

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