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Kind of sad news regarding the Chelsea DeNofa post. I was out at CFRC this past weekend for Mardi Drift and he was doing crazy backwards entries all day. They looked really dope, but then he was being followed for one run and was hit pretty good in the rear by another high hp bmw (forgot the driver's name). Basically he was explaining what happened to us in the pits afterward and he was saying how he always has more speed down the straights and so people stay in the gas a little too long. Then when he does a crazy entry it slows the car down so much that they don't have time to stop. He wouldn't have been as upset if he didn't tell the following driver this, but I guess he did and the guy still followed too close. Chelsea was basically facing backwards when he realized the guy was going to hit him. So he punched it in order to get forward momentum. The following driver spun backwards so they both smashed their rearends into each other. Chelsea actually held the drift, since it just pushed him forward quite hard, and completed the rest of his run. The other driver took a few seconds to get back on track and did the same thing. Luckily both drivers were fine, but Chelsea's car isn't looking top-notch at the moment. Here are both the cars that were involved and a picture of Chelsea's rear end. I know it's easy to say that it doesn't look that bad, but that's a lot of work to get it back to how it needs to be.

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