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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Could this have been personal? Breaking into your car, which you say sat amongst many other cars which had more visible, valuable items?

On top of that- it was in a gated community. How does one gain access?

Lastly- you need to have a decent knowledge or cars to get the seats down in an E46 from inside the cabin. You basically have to wreck the speaker to get through that way. Ski pass has a latch that closes from the trunk.

Seems like a LOT of effort for a petty thief.

Anyway, sorry to hear that bro.
One gains access by waiting for someone to leave or enter the gate and then follow them. As far as being personal don't think so since I only talk to one person in the complex and he parks next to me and lives below me. Probably was some young punk ass kids thinking they are cool for breaking into cars and stealing ****.

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