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We're in agreement. I talked to few personal trainers and they said they keep beginners away from DLs and squats. But I guess BB presses also require good form to avoid injury.

However, 2 years ago I had a rotator cuff injury, my surgeon showed me in xrays that my shoulders were impinged especially right one. After 6 months of PT, when I started doing light workouts, only BB and dips used to bother my shoulders really bad. So that's why I stay away from incline BB. Flat BB is fine as long as one does not go over 90 angle and do it right.

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Balance is definitely good. I mix up incline dumbbell/barbell movements often, but I ALWAYS flat bench. The barbell is the way to put mass on and widen your frame. I'd wager that the trainers - assuming that they know what they are doing and aren't just regurgitating information derived from media sources - recommend dumbbell over barbell because they are more idiot-proof. Rarely does anybody f@ck themselves up doing dumbbell work; the same can't be said for barbell work (..and that goes for any type of barbell work; it requires more from the lifter).
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