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Originally Posted by lszlszx View Post
dslboomer! I just used the code search, it's really cool!

"How much BMW decided to output its specific codes to P codes? I don't know, but I see many manufacturer's specific codes like P1xxxx on the net, so they are being sent out as P codes."

This explains why I have a generic code reader and P1624 came up?
The OBD II specification REQUIRES all engine management systems be readable by any code reader. BMW has some codes that are not engine management, and therefore not visible to the OBD II scanner.

If the SERVICE ENGINE SOON (Check Engine) light is on, the car must generate OBD II codes to give you a clue as to why.

BMW specific scan tools may provide expanded information, this is true. But if the check engine light is on, any OBD II scanner must have visiblity to the cause.
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