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Originally Posted by z00 View Post
We're in agreement. I talked to few personal trainers and they said they keep beginners away from DLs and squats. But I guess BB presses also require good form to avoid injury.

However, 2 years ago I had a rotator cuff injury, my surgeon showed me in xrays that my shoulders were impinged especially right one. After 6 months of PT, when I started doing light workouts, only BB and dips used to bother my shoulders really bad. So that's why I stay away from incline BB. Flat BB is fine as long as one does not go over 90 angle and do it right.
I've also had rotator cuff injuries caused by improper bench technique. Fixed my technique (..mainly correcting at the elbows and contracting my lats harder) more issues!........which is why I'm achieving bench numbers that exceed what I was able to do previously.
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