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Originally Posted by brew View Post
This is 99% complete horsesh1t.

WTF does "separation between low, mid and highs" mean?

Personally, I think center channels are overrated. Properly positioned stereo mains can give you the same effect. And when center channels are D'Appolito configured and laid horizontal (like 90% of center channels are, for some reason), they can flat out suck. D'Appolito (mid-tweet-mid) = awful off-axis response. That's the whole point, to let the two speakers partially cancel each other out off-axis in order to reduce ceiling reflections. When laid on its side and used as a center channel, it means that people sitting to one side or the other get a crappy center channel performance.
It depends. For music, you're right, stereo is better imo. For multimedia use, I think a center channel can certainly enhance the experience.

Separation between lows, mids and highs is a real thing, but it can be good or bad. You really don't want to be able to identify frequencies coming from a particular driver- be it a sub, midbass, midrange or tweeter. That's the issue with crazy good/fast tweeters like plasma and ribbon tweeters. They sound terrific on their own, but because very few (if any) midranges can keep up with them, the sound of speakers using them tends not to be coherent. You can identify certain frequencies coming from one driver and not another. That's bad separation.

In a good way, separation is the ability to distinguish individual instruments and the like. No need to bash 100% of the guys post, just because 90% of it was wrong.

Originally Posted by brew View Post
Vintage Klipsch is the tits. Klipschorns and Lascalas are awesome. Big horns, compression drivers with giant magnets, big cabinets, sensitivities in the 105 db range. Known for insane dynamics. The new stuff uses smaller cabinets, smaller horns, smaller compression driver motors = they took away the only things klipsch had going for it. Now known for edgy, peaky, bright sound = which could work if you're having a dance party in your living room . . but not my first choice for music or tv.
Really good horns are something special. I agree, they are incredibly dynamic and incredibly fast. The Avante Garde's were something else in that regard.

No these aren't the ones my dad had, but they are the same speakers.


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Get out and walk. Meet people.
It will change your life!
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It's ok, the world needs boring people
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