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Originally Posted by Hedges View Post
Add yourself to the list - I'm on the PC list so i'll add you guys when i get home from work today!

psn tags. Join the ps3 platoon here:

amoeba: zhpkiller
r2d2: petdesigner
kaput: fdmjiv
pbcoco: Pbcoco
s3th: scbenson
junkiekommando: j_kommando616
ruskisky: rooskay
dazed : E46daze
saviorself: Ninethwonder
delta: Rkr14
ackord02: Applemooze
zhpfan4life: Hunter20
erikx559e: Erikx559
smilez : Smilez87
mtreym: Johnnytoogood
000_323i: Mclightningwheel
someguy_99 : Dmafia46
acpstunts : E46drvr
sillieidiot: Sillie_serenity
joeski3d: Joeski3d
marcb2g : Fear910
fisch330citopasblau : Benkido
t0n3dawgg : Tonyd87
types : Teamhyphonix
orionstrident : Orions_trident
Locutus09: M0nk3yy31

pc origin tags: Join the pc platoon here:

nojoda: Nojodacartel
hellfish: Razor488
hedges: Hedges8888
oallelsefailo: D3vastate
viper11885: Viper11885
`cheesey: Tehmooks
insxtc: Dleslow
t0n3dawgg : Tonyd87
bimmerferret : Bimmerferret
_.dstrukt.n1ne : Guerillapunk
ruan916 : Satsau
hudatder: Hudatder
hpfmtre: AlienRobb

xbox gamertags. Join xbox platoon here:

nojoda: Nojoda cartel
slyguy: Unknown00
bombhash: Cappin bombhash
bimmer^hue : Xbimmerhue
thahooch : S0nofodin ("0" in s0n is a zero)
owtlaw333: Owtlawb
insxtc: Dleslow
deliroast: D31ar0sa
alex_lee88 : Kojo0513
dfjaws : Dfjaws
richaraiza: Richaraizae46f
NightRaider93: DHG Existence
Anyone been on lately? Ive been playing a lot. Add me on PC. AlienRobb
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Originally Posted by BeRzErKaS View Post
wat?? guys with turbo M3's don't have woman troubles...

try adjusting your wastegate
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