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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
Speaking of imagination, another Miles dream this morning.

I was at some big public building for what I though was a elementary/middle school reunion. It was evening, the sun had set not long ago and it was warm out. It was large, relatively new, modern, well groomed shrubbery outside, lots of modern architecture in the building, mainly in concrete. There were a few familiar faces and a lot of French people (I went to a bilingual French school). There was food, and lots of people. Somewhat of a dry boring event. I was wondering around, I remember a dark navy blue carpeting and going upstairs to the balcony to look down at the main room and people below.
Later there was some speech or lecture at some point, and then afterwards I got out of my seat and headed to the food court. I was being followed by what looked like a french girl with brown hair. I get to the doorway of the food court and she says something to me to try and strike a conversation. I'm a little surprised and shy at first, but we continue chatting.
Now that I can look at her as we are getting food and talking, she is actually pretty good looking, an 8/10. Fair skin, a bit of an usual european face shape, a little shy, an average build with delicate features and a large bright smile. She makes a comment about the sandwich she's getting and talks about some unusual sandwich she likes to make at home. I say something like, "That actually sounds really good, and healthy too." She smiles. Then I say, "But you know what I'd really like right now?" She looks up as she is serving herself some food from the buffet, and give a curious, "Hmm?" I say, "To take you home with me."
The conversation slows. Both of us have have a sly smile on our faces, knowing what the other wants now. Very quickly I end up in a dark area with her, not sure if I made it home. I quickly take my shirt off, she starts taking either her shirt or dress off... Then it fades into darkness. I wake up but my eyes are still closed.

Ugh... I want that dream back...
What possessed you to describe your wet dream to us? And lets be real there were no sly smiles, just rape in a dark hallway. It wasn't talk of sandwiches either, just obscure flailings.
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