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Originally Posted by 323ci newbie View Post
I will say that I don't like that style of rap (Big Benjamin, rapping about clubs/b1tches/etc.) however I will also say that he has a good rhyme flow going and I wish him the best of luck
yeah i just found out he was rapping i havent kept 100% in touch. I'm going to suggest keeping it a bit more real. He is realistic about rap so hes still going to school and doing other things. Ill tell him to rap about some of that. But honestly at 16 wth do you know about anything? so his life experience is a bit limited to pull from.

Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post

But still better than lil wayne
:lol: dually noted.

Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
Not true. Please see my math below.

lil Wayne > Souljah Boy > Hurricane Chris.

lil Wayne sounds like a rapper who was in an unfortunate accident and is now mentally challenged. Souljah Boy sounds like he was born mentally retarded and is trying to rap. Hurricane Chris sounds like a trained seal or parrot taught to repeat noises to the beat of music.
They are all bad but there are definately different levels of hell.
I onced liked lil wayne, now not so much. He will rap about the most random sh!t. some of what he says is like "WTF? did he really just say that?"

Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
Meh... Want to like, but that was bad.
lol well thank you for watching and wanting to like.

Originally Posted by king kong View Post
i watched
Thank you too sir.

And thank you anyone else who did watch. its much appreciated. he got 300 more views over night.
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