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^ Looks sick man, definitely keep us posted!

I change my mind too often... still can't figure out which car to get. S2k is out of the question.
Debating between a 2j swap or an ls1 swap. Just stock motors for now.
I know they're both amazing motors, just depends on what you want.

I want the JZ but I've heard the LSx motors are more reliable and cheaper (cheaper to maintain too).
How much cheaper are they?

Eventually I'll want to see 450hp, then 550, then 650, etc.. step by step lol.
I think that'll be easier and less expensive in a JZ, no?

The rumble of the V8 is nasty (in a good way) but I'm still in love with the JZ's sound..

Also, I think the overall cost for the swap (including labor) will be more with the 2JZ, right?
At least that's what I've heard.


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