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Obama admin and Friend of the court breif in the Prop 8 case...

The Obama admin has a week left to file a "friend of the court brief" to SCOTUS on the Prop 8 case. While SCOTUS can chose to use or ignore any or all of the brief, if submitted at all. Should the admin file such a brief.

We are hearing from, even from some in the conservative camp, "lets just get this done with and move on." Given the increase in overturns of DOMA at the ballot box and public opinion polls having shift to a a majority in favor of legalizing same-sex unions. A friend of the court brief with why the US DOJ has chosen to not defend challenges to DOMA could hold some weight.

So, in the hypothetical, if this "friend of the court brief were to be the tipping point" would you want the admin to file it, just to get this issue off the national collective political landscape so we could move on to "more important things"?
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