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Just to save your cash, do NOT do anything to your vanos.

I ve been pushing S54, making 4 digit power at the wheels, revving 9000 rpm all day long.

All I do is use OEM vanos related parts. Torque them to original specs. Thats it.

I never ever needed an aftermarket vanos related part.

Just use your hard earned Money on other parts which will improve your M3s.

FEALER:a friend of mine had a S50 B32 Euro m3 Turbo. He removed S50 B32 and put a 2JZE engine.

He is unhappy as he admitted the loss of mid range.

BMW vanos IMPROVES CYLINDER FILLING and hence improves spool.

Whoever removes VANOS on a BMW engine does it wrong at the expense of loss of torque.

The only 1 area where vanos might be removed is DRAG RACE ONLY M3. At the drag strip, build boost off the line, take off, never drop below 5500 rpm and yes no need for vanos.

I may build a 9000 + revving S54, for drag race only, and test it Engine speed will always be over 6000 rpm and no need for vanos. Besides vanos "may" not hold over 9200 rpm.

I was happily revving 9200 for the last 4 years.
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