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Originally Posted by SilvaBimma View Post
Gotta fix my car, 21-22 70city/30highway. 100 Miles from Charlotte to RDU, only managed 26 MPG.
That's what I get as well, far more typical XI mileage than what you'd think so unless you have the 6 speed stick I'd not be too concerned.

I've found MPG threads are usually quite misleading as there is always someone saying the get 5-6 mpg better than typical and there never seems to be a rhyme or reason for it. Not bashing on anyone here but it's usually because people either go by what their car tells them, their circumstances and driving habits are far less typical than they think and say or they use different methods for determining mpg numbers than the typical reset the trip meter every tank and divide the mileage driven by the gallons it takes to fill method.

21-22 city and 26-28 highway are right around the published mpg numbers from BMW and other sources even when the car was new. Not saying there isn't an issue but your about normal for that car. Mine's an 02 automatic with 126k on it; prolly due for pre-car 02 sensors but I don't see that raising mpg by much more than 2 mpg tops.

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