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Originally Posted by khawejaa View Post
hi there i need your help i have m3 e 46 2006 convertible, and i have an issue in the gearbox , when im driving and the gear is changing gear by itself or im changing them manually there is a strange sound between every gear untill 4th 5th, its sounds like (dubb) its like a gap, however the gear are not engaged properly and when the gear is downgrading shifts it freezes on the downgraded gear for couple of seconds and then goes normal again but sometimes when goes freeze for a bit long, the yellow light comes on and that gear is canceled anymore, i cant use it, untill i switch off the car and turn it on again, and everything comes back to normal, lately i changed the compression springs but still the same issue,
NB: A deep sound between each gear and a gap , no smooth changes.
down shifts freeze for couple of seconds on a specific down shifting specially 4th and 3rd gears.
what should i do?
Get that code read, more than likely it will give you an idea of the faulty part. You can try the soft reset listed in the OP. My list of possibles on this would include the shift springs, gps, or even possible a wheel speed sensor (I know it sounds weird, but the wheel speed sensors do affect shifting)

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