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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
VA and NC were on my list if I decide to stay on the east coast....but I still prefer the Utah/Wyoming/AZ area.....thanks for the offer though...if it comes down to it, I will definitely take you up on that offer.
That's awesome that you're considering those states. I'm impressed that someone from NY/NJ could make that kind of move. My parents moved from NY/MA to San Francisco in the 70's and that was considered a big change. I moved from CA to Portland 10 years ago . . and I thought that was a big change. Then we moved to rural Central Oregon 2 years ago and I thought it was a huge change. I love it here, but I kinda wished I just said "F it" when I was 18 and moved straight to Central OR instead of trying to spend so much time near a big city.

I'd say just go for it and move to Wyoming. As Tailo said - reinvent yourself. Or you can capitalize on what you know and become a wholesaler of top notch meat to NY/NJ distributors and restaurants . . something like that. Become the go-to guy for sourcing buffalo meat.

Back to the subject of guns - OR legislators just took the AWB and magazine limits off the table. The proponents of the AWB are now talking about strengthening background checks and making it illegal to carry guns in the state capitol building . .. but I think there's pushback on both. We already require all gun show purchases to go through a background check, even FTF.

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