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Originally Posted by Trashcan View Post
Considering I've only deadlifted twice in the last 3 years, once about a month ago (and only going up to 205 because i didn't have a belt) and the second time today at the gym, I'm pretty happy with my 315 pound deadlift today!

The bad news though... I finally hit 160 pounds on Wednesday and thought i was there to stay this time, but today the scale told me otherwise at 154.5... if i start eating anymore i will lose any interest i have left in food and run myself broke....

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Do this every night before bed.

Whole milk
Peanut butter
Protein powder

Eat spoons of pb throughout the day

Drink more milk

Eat an avocado a day

Right there is easily another 1500 cals and only a few bucks a day.

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