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Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
God forbid politicians trying to do what is right versus what will help them win come next election cycle.
The point of this article is that democrats are currently pushing for amnesty for their political gain...

But you're simply going to disagree with any and everything that goes against immigration advancements because you're a second generation...

Perhaps look outside your own reality and judge based on those findings.

At the end of the day, CHILDREN OUT OF WEDLOCK is the largest issue we face as a nation... The problem we currently face is cultural. It's the removal of personal accountability and responsibility... As Ann pointed out, 60% of immigrants immediately go on government subsidies.. And do so while rampantly popping out kids who will just be fostered into that reality.. One of government dependency.

The fact that third generation immigrants, on average, are poorer than second screams of acceptance and dependency... Not individual accomplishment, savings, and furthering the future generation.

Morals can not be taught in schools.. And 80% of blacks and 60% of Hispanics growing up without a father present is NOT going to get those values properly instilled.

The democrats have won. They have sat back and promised an end to hard work. Through the nanny state, they're offering table scraps that far too many will accept without getting off their ass to fight for a paycheck to purchase a high quality meal. And why should they when food stamps can buy you cigarettes, lobster, and filets.. But not baby formula.. Because those using assistance dont care to raise a child properly.

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