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I have a GM built transmission which takes Dextron III or above according to the BMW dealership. I used in the past Valvoline Max Life DexIII/Merc Fluid. I was thinking since it seems like something may be clogged because fluid is pushed out of the breather that Trans Tune may clean some of the deposits off of the screens on the control valves, solenoid screens, Etc. Some people have told me that the control valves may be sticking. Since I only have 50 or so miles on the last trans fluid change, and since I have leaked about a half quart I was going to add Trans Tune, drive it around for 5 miles as the directions say and do a filter and fluid change. Refilling it back up with about 6 quarts of Fluid

The product says
Safely cleans components. Does NOT harm or swell seals. Does NOT alter the viscosity of the transmission fluid. Reduces rough or erratic shifting. Removes damaging moisture. For Automatic Transmissions. TRANS TUNE reduces rough or erratic shifting by dissolving varnish that contaminates transmission valve bodies, bands, governors, pumps and passages. TRANS-TUNE makes the perfect system flush for transmissions,
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