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Originally Posted by JohnBlaze View Post
that build up of welded metal they did in those pictures is exponentially better than the Mason bar IMO. You can definitely rest easier knowing a shop like Piper did the job, they know their $hit...

Nice job!!!
Originally Posted by Eisenheim View Post
They actually have their own design (which is much like the mason bar) in their track car. The main thing I didnt like about it was the lack of contact points on the thin sheet metal. That and the mason bar cuts off quite a bit of room in the already small trunk hah

They were extremely cool about my design. I showed them what I liked and why I liked it and asked for feedback on the design, and they liked it as well. They gave me some advice on how to make it just a bit strong. They incorporated they're own knowledge of this sort of thing while still sticking mostly to my design. Ill take some pics of it today since I have the call back.
So the rear floor is kind of like 2 skins in that area, a bottom skin which is where the rear subframe bolt receiving threads are and an upper skin. From what I can tell in the pictures, it looks like mainly the upper skin/trunk skin is being reinforced. But yeah, based on the types of failures you had, I agree that the structure you had built is better than the Mason bar.

Originally Posted by Eisenheim View Post
man, they took a video of the trunk floor and how much it flexed when it was under load before they started working on it. the cracks on the frame rails flexed so much down that you could literally almost put two fists through it. I asked them to upload it to youtube, so I'll see if they do and try to find it.
I'm interested in seeing it!

How does the car feel now?

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