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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
For the record, I have no moral issue with unwed parenting, I just know it greatly increases the chances that the kid will be poor and it almost always assures that the woman is poor. Having a kid solo is a huge financial burden for anyone, and stuff like that spirals out of control fast.
There is nothing morally wrong with.. And I know many kids who came from broken homes.. But at least there WERE two parents involved and they simply split at some point.. Not a situation where dad wasn't there from day one. That reality almost guarantees difficulty in the business world and a high probability of issues with the law. Can it be overcome? Of course. But that is the exception rather than the norm.. And whenever that is the case, we should be open to discourage it... Especially when many of these women are having 2, 3, 5, or even more children with various men.. It's appalling and the offspring of those individuals have virtually NO chance.. We all remember the recent Atlanta taser video...

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