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I'm seeing this same movie. Every cold season I pick up the emulsion goo under the oil fill cap and often get the start-up oil cloud. A hard run as mentioned does seem to help. I thought okay fine, I'll do a full CCV swap, pipes and dipstick tube replacement. I've read where other have done this even adding the "winter" kit with the insulated sleeves on the tubes and it come back. I discussed this with my Indi mechanic who smiled and said "let me show you something". He led me over to another E46 in his shop, pulled the oil cap off demonstrating the goo. He said "they all do it, it's water condensing in your crankcase and up here, (Northwest) many cars collect the goo from temperature swings. He yanked the cap off a MINI Cooper, same deal.

I think I'll swap out the system and see if there is an improvement. Some claim to beat it with an aftermarket, catch-can solution bypassing the factory cyclone system. From other sources, I've read catch cans can freeze and clog basically creating the same problem. The Indi agreed and we left the issue unresolved. this year there has been no sign of the start-up puff but as always, there is goo under the cap and on the dipstick itself. A hard freeway run followed by an April oil change is in order. This buys me 9 months of no concerns and has worked for years. I got my car with 60K on it and has always done this. Could it be just a thing we live with? I'm really going to dislike replacing the system and see it come back!

I'd like to see a post where an owner got a fix with the winter kit or newer dipstick tube. Never spotted one yet. Most are solving for a failed CCV unit not the goo blues.
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