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Yeah, I'm guilty of the winter warm-up trick. They say to not let them sit and idle just hop in start it, wait a few seconds and go from a cold start. I'm too lazy to not have that car warmed up a little before scraping the glass. Seat warmers and rear defroster blazing with cabin heat near it now has idled 5-10 minutes. Sorry, will not change. They say this contributes to the goo build. I have at least a 20 minute freeway drive ahead daily and while not lugging, I'm not exactly revving her either.

Engine temp may play into this? A "hard" run means a long, higher RPM run thus building heat. With our damped gauge and strange cooling system, perhaps the engine reaches more temp burning off this dread? The most effective run I have is a 30+ minute freeway drive, on a semi-warm day, with a lower gear manually selected. Maybe this should be done more often in the cold months?
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