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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
The statistics are on my side... Sure there are some children born into crummy situations that rise above their starting point.. But they are exceptions and shouldn't be used to simply whitewash the masses as free of abuse and failures. And there is NOTHING wrong with labeling a group largely producing failures as just that.. Failures.

The problem is our PC world has prevented from the masses in "the right" from labeling the failures as such.. Because it results in harassment like that above. I'm a "jerk" because I believe we need limits on the welfare state and abuses within.

You sir are the jerk for furthering an inevitably failing mentality.
Where did I state that the welfare system is not in need of significant reform? It is.

You have yet to show that personal accountability & responsibility and WEDLOCK are related. They clearly are not. The divorce rate in this country is proof of that.

You speak of "family values". And just what "family" do they come from? White, "upper middle class", christian, suburbia? Given the high dysfunction in american families, getting as far away from those "values" is a good idea. (Its true, most families are bleeped up. They rely on guilt and shame and passive aggressive behavior to communicate. They attempt to suppress and repress the things that are not "social norms" in themselves and their offspring. If those are the "family values" you speak of, the sooner we are rid of them, the better.

There are more successes than you care to admit. And this "failure" is much more largely based on economics than race. Whites in similar economic circumstances have similar "failure" rates. (Oh...but lets not bring that up because those are whites, and that wouldn't be PC.)

Yes, that's right Chase. You are the PC twip here. You aren't "telling it like it is" because you are so "anti-PC". You are PC as you tow the line of many of those in your political belief circle. You whine like a baby about "reverse discrimination", and attempt to martyr yourself on the alter of "reverse reverse discrimination". Enjoy your persecution complex. It appears to be your baby blanket that keeps you warm at night.
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