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Originally Posted by lszlszx View Post
I guess, that's good news and bad news. 5 times in 2 years isn't much, but
not knowing when it may happen can drive you crazy. What if the 1/100 happens when I go on my once a year/ 900 mile camping trip?

My reverse went out about a month ago and I took the valve body apart.
For now it's holding up, but I am waiting to see what happens, to be able to give better feedback about it.
I find myself always parking on a slope so that if I need to push it back I can. Also, If its on a downward slope, I will back in to the space. So basically I always account for the fact revers can fail at any time. I live in a 100,000 person town, so I can always find parking to accommodation this style fortunetly. If I was in Chicago, I would not be as fortunate.
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