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Originally Posted by 330ciandr6 View Post
Now I tapped the 2 wires from the paddle shifters into the upshift and downshift wires into the shifter. This is when I was testing which wire from the paddle shifters was upshift and which was down shift.

Now you can reconnect the battery. Turn the key on (don't start the car) and put the shifter in drive, then sport, and use the paddle shifters and make sure you have the plus on the upshift wire and minus on the downshift wire. If you have it correct, clean up tapping the wires and reinstall storage console and all shifter trim and you are done. I did this all for the fun factor and I love using it. I am not responsible for damage you do to your vehicle attempting this DIY.

In the future I may try and figure out a way to put the shifter in sport mode from the paddles without having to push the shifter over manually. If you have any questions feel free to ask or pm me. Oh and sorry, I suck at write ups.
Hey I have a ssg wheel with and m3 slip ring I bought all the wiring but idk what diagram I should go by if its ssg not smg I'm stuck I tried a couple diagrams and they didn't work when I would plug in the wiring sport mode would not show up. Please help

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