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after looking at his rear again, I think I figured out why the rear end as a whole may seem so much like an eye sore to most of us. For one, we're so used to seeing quad exhaust exiting out the back on an m3 but where it exits, I believe there's a cut out just big enough for the tail pipe to stick out. When the tail pipe, like the one in the OP car juts out from what seems like nowhere, that's whats causing most of us to gag and scoff. it may seem like such a minor detail to cause a major damaging effect but it would be similar to a smooth edge verses a very jagged one. if he had cut out his "diffuser" and the tail pipes exited and all of it had been on an even plane, i think it would've blended in a lot more. Plus, had he kept that part that his plate is mounted to and the diffuser all one color, I'm sure most would agree it could've been a much more tasteful smoother blend. Yeah... I think that's what it is. The black is bringing too much darkness to a silvery shiny car, causing whatever is silver to stand out. It would be equivalent to all those black pieces not being there at all. If you can mentally picture that, and pretend you only see whatever is silver, that I believe is what's causing most to not like it. We're all used to the back of the car being a single matching color.

PS If you guys seen the green BMW with his rare body kit and quad exhaust, who I think wrote a DIY on it actually, I'm sure most aren't hating on his car. It's because its clean, and he made it work. one more thing, doesn't his car kind of look like a 1996-2001 (i think) Honda Civic Coupe with a ricey quad exhaust on it? lol. maybes its just me
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