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Ah, the forum crystal ball clinic is open. There are many variables to the code number and possible causes. Bravo for NOT changing 1 and 6 spark plugs as some would do. The code can be a result of a lean condition from a torn intake boot not visible to the eye. Feel, poke and carefully examine both rubber intake boots. A small rip can suck air making for weak mixture hitting the cylinders - misfire. Another favorite is a failing coil. Two at the same time would be unusual but who knows? Guys typically trade them around. As we have individual coils, swap #2 with #1 and #5 with #6. See if the mis-fire moves to #2 and #5 for example. If the symptom moves, replace the affected coil(s). While your in there toss in a fresh set of plugs if you don't know their replacement history. This rarely pays-off but eliminates coils and plugs.

Now it gets tricky. Deeper diagnostic tools or pro assistance may be required. Auto store OBDII code readers are fairly cheap. You can snag one with the error reset feature in the $45-$60 range. Don't worry about built-in code look-up data, we have the Internet for that. Having the reader in hand while troubleshooting is invaluable. Keeping your friends and neighbors from borrowing it is another matter. They never bring it back!!
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