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Originally Posted by bmwbob89 View Post
Cold weather unit does not prevent the goo. That is water from condensation in the oil which is a normal thing that happens in a engine. Only long trips get rid of that. The insulation just keeps the water from freezing a little longer then the naked one. Run it long and hard. These engines are made to be revved and enjoyed. There is a red line for a reason. You can run them right up to that and they like it and will actually last longer. Lugging causes more wear that revving.
Your post aligns with what my Indi said. The goo is emulsion of condensed water vapor - not unusual in cold climates. As some claim they never see it, perhaps they drive a manual or let's say in the higher rev range?

The OP indeed had a CCV fail when it started sucking oil. The goo would be a bugger to be greeted with after a system change out. I hoped the newer, enlarged dipstick may hold great magic? Probably not as the OP cleaned his with the same result.

Guess we'll drive'em like a stolen bicycle from now on!
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