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I went looking for the disconnected hose today. It was right where san_siro said it was. I was able to get two photos of the connection point - one where it was disconnected, as I found it, and one with the hose reconnected. The photos were taken with the plastic shield around the brake reservoir removed (no easy task in itself) but that's not necessary to reconnect the hose. The hose was loose enough after I put it back to knock it off with a feather! I put a hose clamp on it for good measure.

The hose is one of several held by the bracket on the oil dipstick guide tube so that's how it gets knocked loose in the CCV replacement. It's one of the small hoses closer to the firewall of the group held in the bracket. If I'd known what I was looking for I probably could have reconnected it without removing anything. Hope the photos help someone save time.

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