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Originally Posted by White_Knuckles View Post
Ah, the forum crystal ball clinic is open. There are many variables to the code number and possible causes. Bravo for NOT changing 1 and 6 spark plugs as some would do. The code can be a result of a lean condition from a torn intake boot not visible to the eye. Feel, poke and carefully examine both rubber intake boots. A small rip can suck air making for weak mixture hitting the cylinders - misfire.
The rubber intake boots may be an issue, for sure.

As far as the coils go, I would think that it would almost be an impossibility for coils 1 all the way through 6 to go bad at the same time. I really don't think it's the coils but then again, I'm not sure.

One thing that I do notice is that when the car is cold, it idles a little rougher than when it's warm and if I don't allow it to warm up for a while and immediately start driving, it will sputter. It's even stalled once or twice since this started. When it stalled, it was because I didn't let it warm up.

Does this still sound like an intake boot to you?

By the way, thank you, for helping me.

Originally Posted by White_Knuckles View Post
Auto store OBDII code readers are fairly cheap. You can snag one with the error reset feature in the $45-$60 range. Don't worry about built-in code look-up data, we have the Internet for that.
This is great to know and I will certainly pick one of these up tomorrow.
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