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Originally Posted by DropTopKingM3 View Post
I've always been a big fan of your car, DTK, which inspired me to buy a white M3 vert after I sold the one in my sig. I got it with a blue ragtop. When I go top down in the summer months, I generally have the windows up to accommodate the women in my life. And the pic you posted above is exactly why I've been putting off my decision to tint because I think it looks kinda funny to have tinted windows up just hanging there, without the top. Would look even weirder on my car with the blue top; not clean at all lol.

I liked the blue because it seemed distinguised to me, and different, to go with the grey interior. But when I had the ragtop replaced a while back due to a shattered rear window, I feel I should have asked for a black top instead of the blue again. Oh and learn.

Anyone with 35% tint on a white vert can share pics with the top down but windows up?
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